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Modified Nicki Page on 17 March 2015 04:07 PM

Tourplan V3.10 contains exciting new features and functionality including:

  • Tourplan Utilities
  • Supplier and Product notes viewing and editing on a single page
  • Supplier and Agent code changes and more….
  • Branch Level Accounting
  • Run multiple company branch accounts within a single Tourplan system
  • Display and book multiple external rates per product in webConnect
  • Show your contract rate and availability alongside dynamic real-time rates and availability sourced from channel managers, CRSs, bedbanks and other online suppliers
  • Google maps on webConnect Moreinfo pages

  • Enhanced pax entry mode in webConnect

  • Mapping-made-easy for externally connected suppliers, CRSs and channel managers


A new release is a great opportunity to review current processes and improve your Tourplan knowledge.

Talk to your local support office about your requirements –
we’re here to help!


See the V3.1 section in myTourplan for further information …

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