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Automating Supplier Confirmation Messages for iCom Bookings
Modified on 13 December 2012 11:06 AM

Previously any booking made via iCom required manual intervention in order to send a supplier message to confirm the booking. From 2.07 you can setup your system to send these supplier confirmation messages automatically for New iCom bookings. The supplier messages can be sent via email or fax (if using Microsoft Fax).

There are 2 methods for sending a supplier message: 

  • iCom sends a supplier message immediately when a New Service is Added to an iCom booking.
  • A supplier message is only sent when a GetSendSupplierMessage XML Request is submitted to hostConnect.

This document only deals with the first method and only if automessaging is NOT enabled for iCom.

We have a white paper that will help you to …

  • Setup your system so iCom can send supplier confirmation messages without manual intervention
  • Understand what is required before activating this new utility
  • Understand what iCom physically does when attempting to send a supplier message

To access this white paper click here...

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