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Financial Analysis Custom Report Examples
Modified on 13 December 2012 10:54 AM

Prior to the implementation of the 'Custom' reports available in v2.07, Tourplan Pacific had made some customised Excel Reports for a couple of clients. These involved embedding VB code in a standard Excel spreadsheet (not an isFinancialAnalysis report) which queried the Tourplan database and returned specific fields. Although they provided the clients with what they wanted, from a support and maintenance point of view they were clumsy. VB knowledge was required if (e.g.) the name of the Tourplan Server changed or if some additional fields were required.

With Custom Reports available in v2.07, the bespoke reports have been converted to be iSFinancialAnalysis Custom Reports. These are included with this White Paper as examples, as are some additional reports which we have prepared for either a specific use for clients, or for support purposes.

We have a white paper that will help you to …

  • Customise client reports from the examples
  • Create your own Custom reports using these examples as templates

To access this white paper click here...

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