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Branch Level Accounting - User Guide
Modified on 09 March 2015 03:50 PM

In a simple sense, Tourplan has always been able to operate as a "Multi Branch" accounting system, but with some limitations. For companies that operate a single Tourplan system and have multiple branches in a single country using a single currency the limitations have not been overly severe, but for companies operating a single system and multiple branches in different countries and with different currencies, then the limitations have been strict. In Tourplan V3.1, these issues have been addressed by introducing the ability to have a currency attached at Branch level. There is still only a single base currency in the system, but this Branch Currency concept allows reporting by branch currency and the ability to reconcile by branch.

We have a User Guide that will help you to:

  • Understand who needs to use Branch Level Accounting
  • Know the steps required to implement Branch Level Accounting
  • Understand the differences between Single Branch Level Accounting and Multi Branch Level Accounting

To access this User Guide click here.

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