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Excel Custom Reporting
Modified on 13 December 2012 10:52 AM

The introduction of the Excel based iSFinancial Analysis reports with Tourplan Version 2.01 enabled user companies to write their own Excel based analysis reports. This has proved to be exceptionally successful. However, there have continued to be requests for special report versions which allow items to be reported whose fields or items are not part of the standard reporting fields included in the analysis reports.

In version 2.07 a new reporting feature has been developed which allows a custom report to be integrated into an iSFinancial Analysis spreadsheet which can be re-run at any time with changed parameters.

Although the majority of reporting requirements are met with the standard iSAnalysis Excel reporting template, there are some fields which will never be incorporated into the standard suite. As an example, the iSAnalysis reports are always output in Base Currency, so Foreign Currency equivalent amounts are impossible to output. (The Exchange Rate Revaluation Report included with iSFinancial Analysis in V2.07 does allow the forex rate and currency code to be output and calculated on, but the report is output in system base curency).

A Custom Report can be designed to output base, booking and service currency amounts, and this is the basis of the example used in this White Paper. When the report is run, a Pivot Table is built as per standard iSAnalysis Reporting and fields can be dragged/dropped into the pivot as required.

We have a white paper that will help you to …

  • Understand the concept of iSFinancial Analysis Custom Reporting
  • Set up a basic custom report

To access this white paper click here...

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