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I get an error “ Weekday of extended Expired rate is not allowed” - what should I do?
Modified on 13 September 2013 03:21 AM

This error occurs when you are attempting to insert a service into a booking, where:

  1. The service date falls after the last valid date range in the database (expired)
  2. The last valid date in the database date range falls into a Rate Stay that falls on a different day to the day of the service you are trying to insert. 

Let’s say a service has its last date range as 01/10/13 – 31/10/13  and this includes 2 Rate Stays week (Sun-Thu) and weekend (Fri-Sat) rates.
The 31st October is a Thursday, so Tourplan sees the last valid rate as a weekday rate.

If you try to book this service in a booking after 1/11/13 for a date that is a Friday or Saturday, Tourplan does not class this as a valid expired rate.

How can I resolve this?

  1. Extend the last Date Range to cover the dates required in bookings (keeping the week/weekend rates)
  2. Create a date range for one day (say 01/11/13 in above example) for all days of the week and flag as manual. This will allow consultants to insert the service and manually enter the rate.
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