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Why can my client not send XML requests to HostConnect?
Modified on 14 March 2013 09:52 PM

When your Client/Agent attempts to do a HostConnect XML call they get an error similar to:

<Error>2050 SCN Request denied for TESTAG connecting from</Error>

This error is caused by the Client/Agents's IP address not being registered by Tourplan to access hostConnect using their specified login and IP.

You would need to contact your local Tourplan support help desk and ask them to register the IP(s) the Client/Agent will be connecting from along with the Internet login you want to allow them to use. (Check the Internet set up in the Debtors module)

Internally, Tourplan HostConnect has a registry archive that controls IP addresses from clients’ servers that send XML requests. This file registers the IP address and the user who's sending such requests. This is a security protocol innate to HostConnect, and as such, it can’t be deactivated or bypassed.
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