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Why is the Booking Status 'blank' in webConnect or hostConnect?
Modified on 21 February 2013 11:04 AM

This is most likely because the booking status translation has not been defined for iCom.

Understanding Booking Status Translation

The Booking Status description shown via iCom (hostConnect and webConnect) does NOT come from the back office description set in Code Maintenance.


You may have your Booking Statuses in the back office set up as follows:

CF = Confirmed

CX = Cancelled

IN = Invoiced

RQ = Request

When an iCom booking is made, the default booking status may be set to be CF, but one or more of the services in the booking may be on request. This may confuse the agent, who sees the Booking is confirmed, so assumes all services are confirmed.

For this reason, we can set up a separate iCom Booking Status Translation for each Booking Status that will be used in iCom bookings. This will help give more clarity to the agent.

Setting up the iCom Booking Status Translations

Booking Status Translations are set in the iCom data.properties file.

Example settings are:

booking_status_translation= CF:Booking Active, CX:Booking Cancelled, IN:Invoiced Booking, RQ:Booking Active.

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