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When would I use or create a package?
Modified on 20 February 2013 11:56 AM

The most important aspect to take into consideration to determine if you should or shouldn’t create a package, is whether or not you’re the operator of such services, or if they’re operated by a third party.

In the first scenario, you need to create a package, because you would have individual costs for specific services (guides, chauffeurs, translators, etc.) which in the end round up to total the package itself.

In the second scenario, there’s no need to create a package, because you’re given a rate which encases all the services within it, hence it behaves as an individual service (and as such can be entered in the DB as needed). Even though it has components you’re not being charged individually for these by your provider - you get a total price for the whole thing regardless of individual costs; and that’s the amount you charge your clients.

If you need to create a package, click here for a step by step document.

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