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Why does my new service not show online (webConnect or hostConnect)?
Modified on 21 December 2012 10:43 AM
First login to Tourplan with the iCom Username (from INI maint/internet/ICOM_USERNAME) and make a test fastBooking for the same date, debtor, currency and room breakdown as used in the webConnect or hostConnect search. 

The reasons why you cannot make a fastBooking will usually be the same reasons why you cannot make an online booking.

If this does not highlight the problem check the following:

  • Does the Debtor have a default currency?
  • Has the service been internet enabled?
  • Is the service sell price zero?  Zero sell rates are not by default shown in webConnect and hostConnect.
  • Has the location code of the service been mapped to a Destination and has this Destination been mapped to a Country?
  • Is the service code mapped to an iCom Service Button?
  • Check the rate name and rate text does not have any unusual characters (e.g. | or #)
  • If the service has only just been entered in the Services Database you will need to wait for the cache refresh to be finished.  A cache is usually refreshed every 60 minutes.

If you still cannot get the service to show contact your local support office.

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