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Copy-in for fastBook, groupBook and PCM
Modified on 13 December 2012 01:06 PM

This document deals with the setting up and processing of copy-in packages sold with a fixed selling price.

The name Copy-In is derived from its operation method as the services of the package are "copied" into the booking. As of version 2.07 copy-in packages can be inserted in fastBook, groupBook and PCMs.

In its most basic sense, this method of processing is used where you have a set of predetermined itineraries which are sold together as a package.
Typically the passengers receive a voucher for each service of the itinerary.

We have a white paper that will help you to …

  • Understand for which types of package to use copy-in
  • Setup a copy-in package
  • Insert a copy-in package in fastBook, groupBook and PCM

To access this white paper click here...

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