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What is the Discount/Commission Matrix and what can I use it for?
Modified on 22 March 2013 07:28 PM

The Discount/Commission Matrix provides the ability to apply various discount, markup or commission percentages to the rate of any service inserted into a booking or PCM based on a matrix of selection criteria.  Each Tourplan service can have one matrix entry applied to establish a Retail price, either a markup or a discount percentage, and a second entry, a commission percentage, applied to establish the Agent price.


  • The matrix will reduce the number of price codes required in a Tourplan system, significantly reducing the data entry and maintenance requirements for database rates
  • The selection criteria can include any combination of a number of Service, Supplier, Agent & Booking details such as service types, analysis codes and even specific agent or supplier codes.
  • Discount and markup policies are applied to the database sell rates when inserted into a booking and will modify the database sell value being used and so are applied on top of any database markup.
  • Commission policies will be applied as a commission override to replace any booking level commission specified. If no commission policy is setup for specific service criteria, the booking level commission will be applied.
  • Both a Discount and a Commission policy can be applied against an individual service in a booking, but only one discount policy and/or one commission policy can be applied.
  • If a service matches the criteria for more than one Discount policy and/or more than one commission policy, the policy with the lowest sequence number in each case will be applied.
  • The column chooser in the Service List Scroll and the Markup/Commission screen to activate the Discount/Commission Policy columns to view the policies applied.
  • Once a discount/commission policy has been applied, the policy can’t be deleted.
  • Matrix entries are applied to both the main option (room) and extra components of a service line.
  • Matrix entries have both a sale date range and service date range that they apply to.  The service date is assessed against the first date of service.

Documentation describing the functionality in more detail, and how it can be used is available in the Tourplan System Setup Training Guide.*


*You will need to be logged in to myTourplan to access this resource

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