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Knowledgebase: Supplier Connectivity
How Do I Connect to An External Supplier System?
Modified on 21 February 2013 11:32 AM

Via direct online connections with hotel, car rental and other supplier systems such as central reservation systems (CRSs), global distribution systems (GDSs) and Channel Management Systems, Tourplan provides you with the ability to instantly search for and book services from within your Tourplan in-house and Internet FIT booking modules (fastBook, hostConnect & webConnectODP).

It is important to note that Tourplan does not get involved in the supplier chain and the relationship and contractual arrangements remain between you the Tour Operator and your supplier.

The first step to connecting is to find out from your supplier what system they are using and then check with the Tourplan Helpdesk on whether a connection to that system exists or not.  (A list of supplier systems where connections already exist can be obtained from the Tourplan Helpdesk.)

If the supplier connection you require already exists, you can start the process of implementing supplier connectivity. If not please discuss your requirements with your local Tourplan representatives.


In order to be able to use supplier connectivity:

  • You need to be on the Connectivity or Enterprise Editions of Tourplan iS and on version 2.77 or later. If you are unsure which Edition or Version you are on check with your local Tourplan Helpdesk.
  • Apply via your local Tourplan Help Desk to have a supplier connection setup.
  • Your Tourplan iS webserver needs to be able to access the TPM server over the internet, typically on ports 8010, 8020 and 8030.  Your Local Tourplan Helpdesk can provide you with the URL for the TPM server applicable to your region.

Once the above are in place the steps for implementing an external supplier connection include:

  • Establishing a test environment internally and with the external supplier system
  • Training on how to map suppliers and products (service options) in your Tourplan system to the relevant suppliers and products in the external support system
  • Checking the rates/availability coming from the external system are as expected
  • Loading all supplier and product mappings in your live Tourplan system
  • Internal staff training on searching for and booking externally connected products
  • Go Live

To start to request a supplier connection implementation please click here for instructions.  



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