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Can I use Tourplan in a hosted environment?
Modified on 19 February 2013 05:26 PM


In order to reduce IT overheads, quite a number of small businesses are moving to run their business on hosted Servers.

Tourplan is quite suitable being run in such hosted environments.

The SQL server and webServices are installed as per normal on the hosted server. This setup will seem no different than a server on your own network.

The differences come in the manner in which the users connect to the hosted server to run the Tourplan client.

The users require a thin client tool to access the hosted server and run the Tourplan client.

  • Remote Desktop (Terminal Services)– an application that allows remote access to a server. The user will have a unique profile and desktop when logging in. The Tourplan client is then opened on the Hosted server’s desktop.
  • Remote applications (Terminal Service RemoteApp)– The user will have an application installed locally that when opened will launch the desired application directly. TS RemoteApp actually uses Remote Desktop to initiate the connection, but creates a seamless integration between the Tourplan Client and the hosted server.

Although Terminal Services alone is quite an acceptable tool to perform the remote access function, it does allow the user access to the Hosted server’s operating system. This means additional security measures need to be put in place to restrict malicious or accidental access to the hosted server itself.

A far cleaner option is the creation and use of Terminal Services Remote Applications (TS RemoteApp) to run the Tourplan Client.

The setup and configuration of the Terminal services and remote application can be performed by your IT department by utilizing the below resource.


 NOTE: Cloud based hosting of your Tourplan platform is now available via Tourplan Hosting Services. Contact your local office to find out more.


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