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What speed Internet connection do I need to run webConnect or hostConnect?
Modified on 19 February 2013 04:57 PM

This is largely dependent on the volume of transactions to be processed via webConnect/hostConnect.

However as a general rule of thumb there should be a minimum 1MB Internet line available for webConnect/hostConnect.

In low webConnect/hostConnect online transaction volumes environments:

-          Less than 20 bookings per day.

-          Less than 100 product searches per day.

This line may be shared with other company Internet functions (general Internet/email usage) however it should be noted that large file downloads from the web may impact the performance of webConnect/hostConnect.

Higher webConnect/hostConnect online transactions volumes should have either:

-          Higher line speed (2MB or greater), or

-          A dedicated internet line for webConnect/hostConnect.

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