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webConnect ODP - Rates by Nationality - User Guide
Modified on 21 December 2012 11:22 AM

webConnect ODP provides the ability to search and book Tourplan Services by rates specific to a Nationality. It targets those markets that have different pricing based on the nationality of the pax travelling– in other words different COST/SELLING prices for different nationalities. This is done through the use of price codes defined in Tourplan IS and added to the Agent's allowable price code list. When a client books the hotel they need to indicate which nationality the passenger is to get the correct rate.

This functionality could be used to cover other business use cases such as multi-property discounts. 

webConnect ODP never displays the term "price code" anywhere visible to the user of the site, configuration settings refer to price codes and price code list.

We have a document that will help you to …

  • Create Price Codes for Multiple Nationalities
  • Insert Rates for Multiple Nationalities
  • Configure Nationalities in webConnect

To access this document click here.

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