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What are, and when should I use replicated locations?
Modified on 21 December 2012 10:21 AM

When a service has one supplier but multiple locations where the service can be purchased at the same cost at all locations, then the locations the service is available in can be attached to the supplier under the Service Details node. The effect of this is that the option is 'Replicated' at booking level and is available from each of those locations to be inserted into bookings. 

Replicated Locations should only be used in the above situation e.g., rental vehicle suppliers. They will not work in a situation - e.g. Hotel Chains - where the chain has hotels in different locations. In that case, each hotel is a specific, different supplier.

As an example, a rental vehicle company in Australia could have all their vehicle products - Small, Compact, Medium, Executive etc. - set up in the Product Database under the generic location AUS, and attached to the Supplier would be all of the locations where the supplier has depots.

This method makes product database maintenance much simpler and also ensures that documentation has the correct location details in it.

Set up detail is in the Database & Allocations Training Guide*


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